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LNB Ku-Band DRO Type ( Low Cost )

LNB Ku-Band DRO(Low Cost) Type-photo


  • Low Noise : NF=0.7dB (Typ.) (GM-6921)
  • High Gain : 55-70dB (GM-6939)
  • Complete Electromagnetic Shield
  • Complete Weather Protection

Model No. GM-6921 GM-6939
Typical Service N.America Australia
Input Frequency from 11.7 to 12.2GHz from 12.25 to 12.75GHz
Lo. Frequency 10.75GHz 11.30GHz
Output Frequency from 950 to 1,450MHz

Specifications (+23°C)

Model No. GM-6921 GM-6939
Input Connector WR-75 grooved waveguide flange
Output Connector Type F Female (75-ohm)
Noise Figure 0.7dB typ. 0.9dB typ.
Gain 54dB typ. 61dB typ.
Lo. drift associated with temperature (from minus40 to plus60°C) ±3.0MHz
Phase Noise (SSB) minus55dBc/Hz typ. @1kHz offset
Input VSWR 3.5 : 1 max.
Output VSWR 2.5 : 1 max.
DC input voltage 10-20VDC
Power Consumption 2.5W max.
Operational Temperature from minus40 to plus60°C
Dimensions 85 (D) × 43 (W) × 43 (H) mm
Weight 200g max.


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