Air Deodoriser


UV deodorant system ( WORLD FIRST!*1 )

Titanium oxide plate 3-wavelength UV lampBecteria elimination power Removes 99.9% of airborne bacteria

Powerful deodorisation & bacteria elimination by 3 wavelengths*4

Ozone generation

Ozone deodorisation

Large volume of ozone is generated by light (185nm). Ozone power decomposes odour molecules.

Titanium oxide plate

Photo catalytic deodorisation

Odour molecules are decomposed by illuminating a titanium oxide plate with light (365nm).

Bacteria elimination

Bacteria and virus are repelled by light (254nm) having a bacteria elimination power 1600 times that of sunlight.

Automatic deodorisation capability regeneration system ( WORLD FIRST!*1 )

Heater unit Compound metal oxidation catalyst honeycomb filterDeodorisation capacity Approx. 150times that of an air cleaner (compared to conventional Fujitsu General products)

Deodorisation capability automatically regenerated by the power of heat

Adsorption Decomposition

Powerful deodorisation by high performance deodorisation filter

  • Strong odours are decomposed to odourless molecules by the adsorption and oxidation decomposition action of a compound metal oxidation catalyst and special activated charcoal.

Recovering original deodorising ratio in 30 minutes

Deodorisation capability regenerated by heating

  • Oxidation and decomposition capability is promoted by heating the filter for 30 minutes every 12 hours.
  • Initial performance is maintained by removing odour molecules clinging to the filter.

Removes permeated odours

The deodorising component*5 (weak ozone) discharged from the body decomposes and deodorises odours permeating the room from their source.

deodorising component

Deodorising effect of a piece of cloth permeated with the odour of 10 cigarettes

6 stage odour intensity method (test room of 13.2m²)

Air cleaning capability

Air is cleaned by pow erful dust collection.

Dust Lice(carcass droppings) Cat and dog epidermis Pollen(orchard grass)


Removes pet hair and large dust particles.

Allergenic substance decomposition dust collection filter

Removes pollen, lice, and other allergenic substances*6

Filter replacement unnecessary*7

All filters do not require replacement. Economical

Washable Automatic deodorisation capability regeneration

Washable. Replacement unnecessary.


2.Allergenic substance decomposition dust collection filter

Automatic deodorisation capability regeneration. Maintenance-free

3.Heater unit

4.Compound metal oxidation catalyst honeycomb filter

5.Special activated charcoal filter

Universal Design

Operation panel which can be used without crouching

Operation panel image

Since it can be operated while standing, the load on your knees and lower back can be lightened.

Large operation buttons

operation buttons image

Large operation buttons are laid out. In addition, the operation status can be verified by easy-to-understand operating sound. User-friendly design.

Various Operation Modes Simplify Operation

operation buttons imageoperation buttons for remocon image

1. Operation Mode
Operated automatically by detection by high performance sensor of even weak odours.
Conspicuously quiet operating sound.
Pleasant even when sleeping.
*QUIET mode 19dB, Hi-Power Mode 45dB
Speedy deodorisation by strong air flow
2. START / STOP Button
3. Filter Auto Refresh Indicator
4. UV DEODORANT Indicator
5. Off Timer Mode
Since operation stops automatically after 1 hour, this mode is convenient when used at night, etc. It is easily performed from remote controller.
6. Hi-Power Mode
Maximum air flow for 30 minutes easily set with one remote controller button. This function is especially appreciated when visitors suddenly arrive, etc.
7. Transmitter
Sending signals to the main device.
8. Power Button
Press to switch between "START" and "STOP".
9. Automatic Operation Button
Can automatically adjust air output based on odour levels.
10. "HIGH" Mode Button
Sets operation mode to high.(44dB during operation)
11. "QUIET" Mode Button
Sets operation mode to quiet.(Noise level 19dB During operation)
12. 1-Hour Automatic Off Timer
After one hour, the device will automatically turn off.
13. Hi-Power Mode Button
Runs at maximum power for 30 minutes, afterwards returning to the original operational state.

High Performance Verification Test Results

Comparison of deodorising performance

Pet, human waste odour Raw garbage odour

Virus elimination rate

(Change of stray virus in 1m³ box)


Home air deodorisation machine announced November 7, 2005.
Compared to our Model ACS-24NVU Air Cleaner using urine (substituted with ammonia), food and raw garbage (fermented beans used as compound odour). However, approximately 50 times the deodorising capability (our company’s study) for faecal waste (skatol and compound odour). Tested with constantly emitted odour. Calculated from the fact that the balance ratio of concentration for the same generation volume with the concentration of odour intensity level 1 as 10 times is inversely proportional to the removal capability.
Test organization: Japanese Spinners Inspecting Foundation. Checked in UV deodorant system.
Generates light of 3 wavelengths; ozone generation 185nm, bacteria elimination 254nm, and photo catalyst activation 365nm.
Generates very weak ozone. However, the concentration is less than the volume existing in the natural state in forests, etc. The deodorising effect varies depending on the room size and amount of ventilation.
Test organization: Tested by Shinshu University using lice carcass, lice faeces, cat epidermis, dog epidermis, and orchard grass.
Washing with water once a year is the standard when cleaned with a vacuum cleaner once a month. (The cleaning frequency can vary depending on the conditions of use in the home. Replacement may also be necessary, depending on the condition of use.)
  • Photographs and illustrations are images.
  • Harmful substances (carbon monoxide, etc.) of tobacco cannot be removed.

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